Welcome friends!

I am so excited you are here! When I first launched my personal style blog in 2009 there were so few resources for bloggers and influencers and none of the tools and amazing opportunities we have today! Everyone was basically experimenting and trying things out but there was more or less a “facade” to what everyone posted. We’ve come a long way! Now everyone is building a personal brand and being real is more important than ever if you want to establish a true report with your community! It is not easy to disolve privacy and to really share who you are and this why only the ones who manage to do this right have a chance at being true influencers and are able to gather a community around them. If you are looking to build a strong community and learn to better connect to your audience and become a inspiring influencer, you’ve come to the right place.

I launched BloggerSET to share my know-how and to bring know-how from other influencers, to bring people like you and me together…. because together we are better! <3

Everyday I am helping entrepreneurs and online influencers navigate the wonderful and powerful world of running an online business as an entrepreneur and as an influencer, and turning it into a full time paying job! I am based in Vancouver, Canada (so if you’re around just holla at me!)

At BloggerSET you will find the best resources, content and productivity tips, the latest on Instagram, workshops and growth strategieies to build stronger tribes and extend your influence!

Liza Bartis – Founder, BLOGGERSET


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