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    Getting Started

    How to Start a Profitable Blog in 2020

    A few years ago, the mere idea of earning a salary level income from your blog seemed like a fantasy. With so many blogs worldwide, and maybe hundreds if not thousands of new blogs popping up over night, competition could seem fierce. However, put in perspective, blogs are now way more specialized and niche, so in fact you are not competing directly with all blogs out there, but mostly with the ones similar to yours.

    This is where your story and your blog personality come into play.We live in the era of personal branding. The more your blog conveys who you are, the more your readers will identify with you, and will want to follow your journey.

    The first blog that I created was in 2009 and it focused on fashion and basically just me posting my Polyvore outfits. I had over 1000 visitors a day, and posted 2-3 times a week. I enjoyed it, and although it was about fashion – a topic I am ever passionate about, it was still about 2 dimensional outfits, and not so much about me. In the meantime, through my work, I’ve been managing several education blogs for a couple of technology companies, both Enterprise level, but also in hustling startups. I’ve slowly realized that writing for a precise audience has incredible rewards and that a blog niche is a powerful thing. Yes, you might not talk to “everybody”, but you speak to the ones that matter to you. You have the power to be heard, share opinions, ignite conversations and spark communities.

    I’ve learned to not think about the competition, but instead try to be as good as I possibly could and work to find my own blogging voice. The most powerful “niche” that you have is yourself! It’s your ambitions, your know-how and your attitude. Put them to work, and don’t underestimate your blogging potential!

    Long story short, I’ve fallen in love with blogging and how telling a story and having a narrative can really help grow your blog and build a successful business around it, and I want to share my learnings with you. Starting a blog is actually fairly easy, but starting and growing a blog to be a profitable one, is a daily hustle and I am here to help you navigate through it!


    This blog post focuses on the most important things to keep in mind in order to start a profitable blog or to grow your existing blog to new heights in 2020. Create the blog you love and turn it a revenue-generating business, that you can even convert into your main income.

    Ready to dive in? Let’s get started.

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