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    Blog Media Kit: How To Create Yours

    How to create a blog media kit

    At some point after starting and getting some traffic to your blog, you’re going to want to think about creating a blog media kit. (If you’re still trying to attract more visitors to your blog, and you’re not sure where to start, check out this step by step guide on How to Start a Profitable Blog like a pro!)

    First thing’s first: What’s a Blog Media Kit ?

    A blog media kit is a document that contains all your key facts, audience statistics, previous partnerships and abilities. A blog Media Kit in a way, acts just like a resume for your blog. For bloggers, the main reason for having one is to help persuade potential advertisers or brands to collaborate with you. You might also use it to encourage influencers or celebrities to contribute a blog post or agree to be interviewed.

    If you’re serious about growing and monetizing your blog, a media kit needs to be ticked off your priority list of things to do. So, in this blog post, we’re going to explain how to create one, what information to include, and provide a couple of examples of great blog media kits to give you some inspiration.

    Want to jump ahead? Download our Free media kit templates!

    Free blog media kit template

    Why should you create a Blog Media Kit?

    Media kits establish you officially as a blogger or influencer of some sort. 🙌 For most bloggers this is the first step to get your name and blog out there and to help them build some partnerships. A blog media kit can help you look more professional and even though you think you are too small or don’t have enough traffic, have no fear. There are partnerships for any type of bloggers and sometimes people with more engaged readers have much higher chances of partnerships than bloggers or influencers with a larger but non engaged following.

    If you are starting out and don’t have many numbers to account for, focus on what your strengths are and let your blogging voice, niche or expertise take the stage.


    So how do go about creating your own Blog Media Kit?

    Follow the quick steps below and create a blog media kit that will WOW brands and potential clients!

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