Favorite Blogging Tools and Software

The toolkit of a blogger or online entrepreneur is their secret ingredient in a recipe for success! Here I’m sharing my favorite  blogging tools and software from web hosting, website themes, graphics, templates and social media tools. Check them out!


Web Hosting

GoDaddy. It’s simple to set up and very affordable if you are just starting out.

1and1. My second favorite web hosting platform. I’ve been using this in parallel for different websites that I manage and I am equally happy with the reliability and the service level from 1&1.


Website Building

If you are not using WordPress, which is my first recommendation when it comes to website tools (read more here!), you can get started with template website building tools. These are my favorite!




For any landing page creation, there is really no better tool than LeadPages . You can create pages for your freebies, ebooks or webinars. It’s super easy to customize and  (code-free!) which means you can create beautiful pages fast and easy!


Blog Design and Graphics

Creative Market. For blog themes, blog design, fonts and all sorts of graphics, I strongly recommend Creative Market! I love using their resources, and to be honest I am a bit obssessed with them and with how many beautiful resources they have for elevating your blog design and they are super affordable! They also offer free weekly resources if you are subscribed to the site.

Adobe Creative Cloud. I use Adobe Creative Cloud for editing my photos and for creating printable resources. The full package is $79/mo, but you can also get one single app like Photoshop for just $10/mo. You actually can’t get a better deal than this for such amazing products. I use Photoshop every day and I also use it to my blog thumbnail graphics. If you’re just starting out though, maybe you don’t need more than Photoshop until you start needing more resources. Check out other tools like Canva, mentioned below!👇

Canva. Create beautiful images from templates that you can customize with you images or text. You can also buy stock images or use the free embedded stock images that Canva offers access to. My tip is to upload your logo as an asset and to brand your canva templates to make them more personalized. You can also use the same color theme like your website and keep it consistent.


Blog Theme:

I recommend Solo Pine theme creators. They are beautiful and super customizable. You can get the Oleander theme (which is the one I am using!) from Creative Market but you can get others directly from their website.


Affiliate Programs

The best blogger affiliate program in my opinion is Skimlinks. They pay for each sale you refer through your site, and they have so many brands they work with. It’s so simple to get accepted too. You don’t have to apply for each affiliate brand like CJ or other networks, you just need to their little tracking code on your website. But it’s easy, for WordPress there is a plugin that does it for you.

My other favorite affiliate program is RewardSyle. It’s mostly for fashion and style bloggers, but also for lifestyle and interior design bloggers. Ask me for an invite here. 🙂

Shop Style Collective. They pay for each click you send to a brand. This is an awesome program if you have a lot of clicks but it might be a good, to join it after you have your blog for a while and you’re getting some traction in terms of referral traffic. They also just released a pay-per-sale type of program similar to Skimlinks and RewardStyle, but you have to request access to it.


Affordable Design Work & Various Freelancers

From graphic design to writing to printed resources, Fiverr is a great place to find help! Depending on the freelancer, projects start at even $10 for design.


Social Media

Tailwind. This is a great platform for scheduling your Pinterest pins! You can also use the Tailwind reposting feature (available on the paid plans)

Hootsuite. I use hootsuite to schedule my social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram and I love it. You can us the free plan with 3 social accounts.


Plugins I can’t live without:

Yoast SEO. I love this plugin for optimizing my blog posts and SEO for the entire website. I use the free version, check out here how I optimize my blog SEO with Yoast.

Sumo. I use Sumo to collect email signups and add sharing links on my blog! It’s a great plugin that allows you to build your email list and test different calls to action for getting subscribers.


*I  include affiliate links. I make a small commission but I only promote tools that I use and that I trust.*