Free Editorial Content Planner (Google Sheets)

Free Blog Editorial Content Planner

Staying organized and keeping track of your work is key when running a blog or an online business that requires content creation. If you don’t yet have an content planner, here is why you should be using one. Before using a planner to map out my content and blog posts, I have to admit I was all over the place. I ended up more or less winging it, writing my blog posts on the fly, without a proper strategy and without a clear direction of the types of content I should be producing, how to best optimize my blog posts for SEO, and who I was targeting.

Now, I honestly could not function without an editorial content planner as it helps me get so much more done and it really makes me commit to my schedule and goals. If you want to get started streamlining your content creation, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we’ve made it easy for you with this free downloadable template that you can use right away.


Free Blog Editorial Content Planner

How to use it?

1. Press on Get the Calendar and enter your email address to get access to the file.

2. Click on File > Make a Copy to save this template as your own.

3. Take a look at the sheets you have in the file: Content Calendar Template, Category List, Content Status, Keyword List, Offer/CTAs, Promoted, Buyer stage journey.

4. Customize the sheets with your existing categories, keywords etc. where it makes sense.

5. Feel free to add more columns for tags or other classification systems you are currently using.

6. Switch to the main Content Calendar Template sheet. Here is where you’ll be actually planning out your content based on the various topics in the file:

  • Blog topic Blog Title (and SEO title if different)
  • Blog category Status (pending, complete etc.)
  • Person responsible (if more than one contributor)
  • Content start date
  • Content finalized date
  • Publish date
  • Keyword(s)
  • Offer / CTA
  • What Visual assets are needed
  • Visual assets created
  • Promoted on Facebook
  • Promoted on Instagram
  • Promoted on Twitter
  • Promoted on YouTube
  • Promoted on Pinterest
  • Blog Goal
  • *Blog Persona
  • *Blog Content Stage: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action

7. Get to work! Plan your first piece of content with the editorial content planner!

Editorial Content Calendar Planning Tips

GOALS FIRST: We recommend using the Editorial Calendar together with the Printable Content Calendar (Get it here!). After you’ve set your goals for the month/week in the Printable calendar, it’s time to get to work and develop the content.

STEP BY STEP: Creating high quality content takes time, don’t rush it and set attainable goals when planning a piece of content. Remember that a good quality piece of content is far more valuable than 5 poor ones. With the Google Less is more!


Crush your blog content creation strategy and streamline your work with this Google Sheets content planner template. You won’t be able to live without it, we promise! 🙂




Free Blog Editorial Content Planner


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