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How to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic with Evergreen Blog Posts


Every blogger wants to make sure their blog is visited and revisited over and over again. And the secret to keeping those readers coming back is incorporating evergreen blog posts into your editorial calendar.

In this blog post, I’ll explain what evergreen blog posts are, why they are essential to your blog, and I’ll give you some tips on how to write this sort of content. You’ll also get 10 great evergreen blog post ideas so you can get started straight away.


What are Evergreen Blog Posts?

In layman’s terms, evergreen content is content that doesn’t get outdated or at least not for a longer period of time. They’re super valuable blog posts because the information contained in them remains relevant week after week, month after month (even year after year!).

Think of evergreen blog posts as the gift that keeps on giving! Your blog followers can access and benefit from these pieces of content for longer. They’re great for you because the longer a blog post is relevant, the more traffic it brings to your blog and the stronger your authority becomes. And they’re highly shareable because they don’t date.

If your blog is focused on news related posts and current events, you’re definitely missing a trick; these posts will quickly become outdated. Blog smarter not harder! Read on to learn how to make evergreen content work for you.

How to Write Evergreen Blog Posts?

Because it doesn’t date quickly, evergreen content is usually instructional. Blog posts that explain how to do something, use a product, or avoid pitfalls are highly searchable and are unlikely to go out of date. These are usually comprehensive blog posts that include step by step instructions or an action plan for achieving a particular thing. For example, “How to Start a Profitable Blog” is one of by most read articles and one of my evergreen blog posts.

For other blogs let me show you what I mean with another example:

“How To Cook For Beginners” would be a blog post with cooking tips for learners. It could contain advice on pantry staples and equipment to buy, plus a few super easy recipe ideas that showcase simple cooking techniques. This content is evergreen because, whether it’s March 2012 or October 2018, the advice, tips and recipes are unlikely to need to change.

Ok, so how do we know what to write about? Well, looking at what people are searching for is a great way to start. Some basic keyword research in Google or a free tool like Moz Explorer or Buzz Summo that can give you a good idea of the sorts of search terms people are using.

Are these the people you want to target? The more you know about your readers, the easier this process is going to be for you. Do you get asked FAQs by your audience? What do you blog comments say? Which are your most popular posts or most clicked resources?

Are your readers beginners or more advanced? Will a step by step guide be useful to them, or would they prefer something quick like a checklist? Maybe they’re looking for industry insight only, like a review or an expert opinion?

Getting answers to these questions will help you to flesh out a plan for evergreen blog posts that add value and hit the mark in terms of what your followers want to read about.


10 Evergreen Blog Post Ideas To Create Right Now

Whatever your blog niche, the below list of evergreen blog post ideas should come in handy. Use these 10 evergreen blog posts templates to produce evergreen contents and work smarter, not harder!


1. How To [insert topic] For Beginners

This should be an easy one to write, as you’re an expert in your field. And it’s an opportunity for you to provide instant clarity to your readers on a topic of relevance.

2. How To [insert topic] For Advanced Users

Time to level up. What are the tips and tricks that only a specialist would know? Your advanced readers will find them super valuable.

3. How To [insert topic] Checklist

Doesn’t everyone love a good checklist? They’re quick, simple, downloadable and printable. They can provide A LOT of value in a branded one-page. If you can give your audience the checklist they really need, they’ll love you forever.

4. What Is [insert topic]?

Again, targeting your less advanced audience members, this sort of post can provide a clear and valuable definition to a commonly used jargon term. For students or learners, this could be a great way to get backlinks to your blog as people share and reference your definition.

5. How To Do [insert topic] In [period of time]

For example, How To Be A Better Runner In 4 Weeks. Or How To Make $3000 In A Day.

Goals are important for productivity. Give your audience a period of time in which to achieve something and they’ll be spurred into action.

Blog posts like this have a clear value proposition: you will do this thing in this amount of time. They contain valuable content that’s easy for readers to consume, put into action, monitor progress and measure success. And if you help your readers to achieve their goals, they’ll never forget you.

6. How To Choose The Best [insert topic]

For example, How To Choose The WordPress Theme For You. Or How To Choose The Wedding Venue Of Your Dreams.

This is a great blog post format. People generally hate making decisions because we fear making the wrong one. But if we have a clear decision-making process to follow, some of this anxiety can be minimised. Just another reason for your readers to love you.

7. Our Favorite Tools/Products For [insert topic]

This is an easy one to write as it’s essentially just curating other content. What are your top tools for doing what you do? By sharing your favorite products with your readers, you’re letting them get to know you “behind the scenes” and doing them a favor by revealing some of the secrets to your success.

8. How Not To Fail At [insert topic]

Nobody likes failure. Even though we learn through our mistakes, we don’t enjoy making them. If you can highlight the mistakes that often lead to failure and help your readers to avoid them, they’ll be sure to thank you.

9. [Insert topic] Ultimate Step By Step Guide

Take your evergreen content to the next level by writing the ultimate step by step guide on a relevant topic. Be a thought-leader!

10. [Insert product or trend] Review

 What products, tools, or trends are relevant to your readers? Can you help them out by reviewing them? These blog posts are great for building trust with your audience and they’re relevant for as long as the product is on the market.

We hope these evergreen blog post ideas will help you to keep the traffic coming. Stay tuned for more resources on how to be a better blogger!

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