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    Image Tips For Bloggers: How To Optimize Your Blog Images

    How to optimize your blog images


    Ok, so you’ve written an amazing blog post. 🎉

    It’s relevant, it’s creative, you know your audience is going to love it, and you’ve been killing your blog content calendar strategy lately! But then you start to think about your featured image.


    Sometimes it’s easy – as you can just use one of your photos, but other times you might want to spice it up with a cool and edgy graphic. You might feel like it’s a hassle, but your blog images are as important as the written content they accompany. You can’t get away with including less than top quality visual content.

    According to WordPress, 76.3 million posts are published on WordPress each month, and more than 409 million people view 22.3 billion blog pages each month. Now that’s a stat!

    So how do you give your blog content the best chance at being seen? Images are powerful attention-grabbers and a clever way to reinforce the messaging in your blog posts. They’re also shareable. 💯

    Blogs are as visual as they are literary. And so are your distribution channels. Social media, marketing emails, ads… they all need optimized image content.

    In this blog post, we’re going to break down what professional and optimized image content really means. Plus, we’ll give you our top tips for blog images to make a photographer proud and you’ll get a foolproof checklist to make sure your blog images are SEO approved.


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