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    How to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic with Evergreen Blog Posts


    Every blogger wants to make sure their blog is visited and revisited over and over again. And the secret to keeping those readers coming back is incorporating evergreen blog posts into your editorial calendar.

    In this blog post, I’ll explain what evergreen blog posts are, why they are essential to your blog, and I’ll give you some tips on how to write this sort of content. You’ll also get 10 great evergreen blog post ideas so you can get started straight away.


    What are Evergreen Blog Posts?

    In layman’s terms, evergreen content is content that doesn’t get outdated or at least not for a longer period of time. They’re super valuable blog posts because the information contained in them remains relevant week after week, month after month (even year after year!).

    Think of evergreen blog posts as the gift that keeps on giving! Your blog followers can access and benefit from these pieces of content for longer. They’re great for you because the longer a blog post is relevant, the more traffic it brings to your blog and the stronger your authority becomes. And they’re highly shareable because they don’t date.

    If your blog is focused on news related posts and current events, you’re definitely missing a trick; these posts will quickly become outdated. Blog smarter not harder! Read on to learn how to make evergreen content work for you.

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